A Taste of Haggis

The evening I arrived in Scotland, the Visiting Students Office organized a “Taste of Scotland” event, which included a piper (someone who plays the bagpipe) dressed in traditional uniform and a taste of a traditional Scottish meal. EVERY new visiting student was invited (that’s around 600!) we could barely fit everyone in Teviot Hall (think student union building)

Haggis is made from sheep stomach and other parts minced with onions and spices. Haggis is normally served with Neeps (mashed rutabaga – which honestly looked like orange mashed potatoes to me) and Tatties (mashed potatoes).

How did we feel about the Haggis? I ask Charlie (one of my flat mates) and Caroline (3Y-CHE) for their thoughts:

 Personally, I still want to try regular Haggis before I have a verdict.


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