Cocktail Master Classes

Secret Confession: I’ve always wanted to be a bartender. I think it would be SO much fun mixing together drinks – it’s like chemistry lab without all the fire hazards! (along the same note, I’ve always wanted to be a Starbucks Barista).

Lucky for me EUSA (Edinburgh University Student Association – pronounced YOU-SA) put together an event called “Cocktail Master Classes.” Essentially for £5 you got a cocktail class + a drink (so basically I paid for the drink 😂). The classes were taught by the bartenders who run the bars in Teviot.

We started off learning to mix and tasting a Hendrick’s Bramble, a Cuba Libre (both traditional and the “black and white edition”), and a French Martini. Then we got to choose the drink we wanted to make, go up to the bar, and make it ourselves. Curious to see how I fared?

I gotchu covered:

I enjoyed this event so much, I joined the Cocktail Society (student organization) here at Edinburgh to hopefully find some more cool classes. Keep ya’ll updated 🤗


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