Curious Cat Cafe

When in Scotland… go to Scotland’s first Cat Cafe: Maison De Moggy. You can’t miss it, with it’s the building with the Tiffany Blue exterior near GrassMarket. IMG_2807-1.jpg

Honestly, going to a cat cafe was not #1 on my list of things to do in Edinburgh, but I’ve never been in a cat cafe so I was like, “Sure! Why not!?” Entry into the cat cafe was £7 for an hour (pretty steep compared to a university subsidized cocktail class) and this entry fee did NOT include any food/drink for the cafe – that was extra. But again, I’ve never been to one before so YOLO right?

Upon arrival  we were given a brief “orientation.” Essentially, don’t be mean to the kitties and then we were let go.

The interior was a little to “nook-y” for me to take any good photos, i.e. there were lots of holes and walls and poles and tight corners because I guess cats like maneuvering between them (?)  and there were quite a few people (I felt like it would kind of awkward to take their photos)… so I here are some photos of the interior from the internet.

It was a very… relaxing experience. Almost to the level of semi-boring. These cats were adorable, but they were pretty done with all the petting. I totally get that. We went in the afternoon so there had been 2 waves of ~10-15 people before us. If I was a cat and I already endured that many people touching me, I probably couldn’t stand it just wouldn’t come out of my hiding hole. Dang I probably wouldn’t make it past the first 2 people.

Random interesting facts from the cat owners:

  • All these kitties are the same age. The owners got the cats all at once when they were little kittens and “socialized the heck out of them” (i.e. exposed them to many many humans at a young age).
  • It was important that the cats also grow up together because cats can be territorial and this way, they learn to play nice with each other.

Charlie and Elizabeth definitely enjoyed the experience. Look at their faces:

Elizabeth petting a cat
Charlie bonding with a cat

I for one, probably won’t be going to a cat cafe in a while. It was a nice learning experience, but like a cat, I just can’t be bothered.


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