🍗 Cheeky Cheeky Nando’s

Non-metaphorically, Nando’s is a chain restaurant that’s kind of like a Chik-fil-a crossed with a Panera (I really like it!). But these two words (often paired with the phrase “with the lads”) generated memes and launched (sometime heated) debates over Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit (see this Buzzfeed Article).  What REALLY is Cheeky Nando’s you ask? Why are some people so worked up about it?  Caroline (3Y CHE) and I went to Nando’s to scope it out.

Here’s Caroline’s official review:

Look at her doing the whole extra cheeky gesture 👌🏼

From http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/962633-cheeky-nando-s

In the name of my cognitive science class (we focus a lot on linguistics) and not taking no for an answer… I did my own sleuthing and here’s what I’ve found:

Urban Dictionary (I can’t believe I just cited this…) has some interesting definitions for “Cheeky Nando’s,” my favorite being:

“A term used by Brits to linguistically torment confused Americans, wherein they “explain” what it means while using as much British slang as humanly possible, for maximum Yank confusion.”

which I believe is completely plausible… I mean, I would do it too 😂

From the slightly more official Oxford English Dictionary, the formal definition of cheeky is:

Showing a lack of respect or politeness in a way that is amusing or appealing (e.g.‘a cheeky grin’)

This one… doesn’t make much sense, BUT informally cheeky means:

“(of something pleasurable) consumed or done in an unplanned, rather self-indulgent way (e.g. ‘a cheeky pint’ or ‘venturing south for a cheeky weekend away’)

So “Cheeky Nando’s” means to go to spontaneously to Nando’s and eat quite a bit of food (self-indulge), but is also used as a means to troll people on social media. This lines up with the example sentences of “Cheeky Nando’s” that I’ve seen thus far on Buzzfeed and Urban Dictionary.

When you’re out with the Lads on the town, having an absolutely top notch time until about two, when Charlie says he’s hungry and wants to go to KFC. Now Charlie is a top lad, but Matt is just the Archbishop of Banterbury, and he suggets you go for a Cheeky Nandos. Obviosly this is agreed by everyone, and you say “lets smash it

So I’m calling this case closed  ✅

What about Cheeky CHEEKY Nando’s? Don’t think to hard, for all I know, it’s just the title of this post 😜


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