Glenkinchie Distillery


This past weekend I took a trip with Edinburgh’s “RezLife” (Like the people who run the dorms) to tour a Whisky Distillery and Rosslyn Chapel (That post to come later!) I had a ton of fun and met some really great people (s/o to Clara and Ted)! I also love that the trip was organized by Rezlife. I think they have some kind of deal with tours and attractions around Scotland because the trip was a REALLY good deal. I definitely foresee more trips in the future!


Some interesting facts about Whisky (other than being dubbed the “water of life*”)?

  • For it to be officially Scotch whiskey,  the whisky must be aged in oak barrels for at least three years and one day
  • The liquid that was in the barrel before it matures whisky (wine, port, bourbon) can greatly affect the flavor of the resulting whisky
  • Whisky is often described in terms of “single versus blended“ which tells you if it came form one (single) or more distilleries (blended)
  • The “malt versus grain” label tells you if the whisky made from just barley (malt) or an assortment of grains (grain)

* also if you’ve taken biology, maybe you get why I’m still not 100% making sense of this phrase… water IS life?!??


In the video for this post, I actually talk about the whisky making process!

until next time!


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