Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel was one of the “must go” places on my study abroad bucket list. Why? Because of the Da Vinci Code  (I’m a huge fan of Dan Brown! Read ALL his books!)

In the book Sophie and Robert visit Rosslyn Chapel after tying together connections between the Masons, the Knights Templar, and the Holy Grail (there are plenty of articles supporting and debunking the connections – like this one – not saying anything about the legitimacy of these sources). It’s in this very chapel that they find the key to Sophie’s past. No spoilers here so if you want to know what happens, speed up to 2:20:00 (ish) in the movie. This is when Sophie and Robert are seen entering Rosslyn Chapel.


The movie was filmed on scene at Rosslyn Chapel up until ~2:26:00 in the movie. According to the tour guide, when Sophie and Robert enter the second room… they’re no longer in Scotland but in Hollywood! (Wow a magic portal!). So you only really get a glimpse of the real Rosslyn Chapel.

We weren’t allowed photography inside the chapel so if you really want to see what it looks like, you’re going to have to visit! (Google Images does okay)

Highlights of the Chapel?

  • The amazing detail and storytelling in the stone carvings
  • The history behind the chapel and how it survived SO much (read about it on the Rosslyn Chapel website!)
  • Following in “Robert Langdon’s footsteps”

The History of Rosslyn Chapel in a 🥜

🤴🏼 -💡 –  👨🏼‍🏫   🎓  📖  🙏🏼  – ⛪️
🤴🏼 – 🚫 💷  – 🚫  🏁
🤴🏾 -⚔️  🐎   – ⛪️   ➡️  🏚
👸🏽 – 😍  ⛪️  – 💷  -🏚   ➡️   ⛪️  – 💷 ❓
👱🏼 – 💡 – ✍🏼  📖  👫 ⛪️  – 💯
👫  👫  👫  👫  ⛪️  – 💷 ❗️❗️

Here’s some of my favorites (all images are not mine)

This is the Apprentice Pillar. Next to it stands the Mason’s Pillar. There’s an interesting story about the origin of the pillar – it involves dreams, jealously, and murder.

From Hazel Tree via Rosslyn Chapel


This is the Chapel’s ceiling. There are a lot of carvings of nature throughout the chapel. I really like the ceiling because of it’s design; its got five sections, each one with carvings that have their own meaning. I believe it’s daisies, lilies, roses, simple flowers and stars

From: BBC’s Religion and Ethics – “Rosslyn Chapel, one of Scotland’s Hidden Gems”

The last carving that caught my eye was the pillar (it’s not actually called a pillar but the architectural term is escaping my mind). On one side are carvings of the 7 Deadly Sins, on the other are carvings of the 7 Virtues (pictured). Typical stuff EXCEPT one of them is flipped. “Greed” in the Deadly Sins is flipped with “demonstrating charity” in the Virtues, so it actually reads “demonstrating greed” as a virtue and “charity” as a sin. No one knows why the mason carved the block the way he did, but I don’t think it was an accident, i think it might be an extremely political or philosophical statement

From From: BBC’s Religion and Ethics – “Rosslyn Chapel, one of Scotland’s Hidden Gems”

All in all, Rosslyn Chapel is just that – a Chapel. If you’re into history/religion, old buildings, stone carvings, the Holy Grail etc. GO. It’s lovely to learn so much. But if you’re only visiting Scotland for a short amount of time, I might look into other things first.


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