Scotland v. Ireland Rugby Game

I’ve heard Rugby is kind of like American Football and today I had the chance to assess, watching the RBS 6 Nations – Scotland v. Ireland Rugby Game (if you’re curious, the six nations are England, France, Ireland, Italy, and Scotland). This is the first game of the championship and SCOTLAND WON!!     

OMG the level of satisfaction right now 💯  🎉  🎊

Charlie and I went to Teviot’s Sports Bar to watch. It was pretty packed! They had two rooms with rows of chairs set up like a movie theater, beer and snacks ready to order, and a few pool tables if the game isn’t captivating enough (which it is).


Here’s the gist on Rugby:

  • Game Time: 80 minute game. Divided into 2 halves. Break in between ~5-10 min. The clock almost never stops, and there were no ads so the broadcast time was about 100 min. (much shorter than football)
  • Scoring: 5 pts for a “touchdown” (it’s called a “try”) and 2 pts for the kick after the try (that’s called a conversion). Total = 7 points (like a touchdown). Can also get 3 point for a penalty kick (kind of like a field goal).
  • Team: 15 players and each player has their own role. You can read in depth about it here

Immediate differences from US Football?

  • Watching rugby is kind of like watching soccer because the game doesn’t really stop – ever (sometimes for penalties and injuries) – but it’s still played more like football
  • Players can’t THROW forward, they can only run and kick – so there’s a lot more tackling and running into each other in Rugby (took me a while to get used to it), even though there are fewer injuries. I think a majority of the game was watching people on the ground
  • There’s almost no one on the sidelines. At all the football games I’ve seen, there’s this entire ARMY on the sidelines and the coach is actively involved in calling plays and forming strategy, in rugby the coaches sit in a box way above so it’s up to the players to form strategy and talk to each other
  • Rugby players have a whole different set of muscles. The players are just built differently – built to withstand constant collisions, to push, to shove, to fight their way through. They also don’t wear any padding.
  • The refs don’t seem do much. When I watch UT Football, sometimes I feel like the fate of my team is in the hands of the ref… that doesn’t seem to be the case here. In fact there’s no wait-for-the-ref-to-call-it time period at all. It just gets called and we move on.

Overall it’s pretty similar to US Football, but they are definitely difference . I definitely enjoyed it and will be back to support Scotland!

img_2870-1    img_2868-1

Fortunately, the Sports bar broadcasts all major sports games, so I will be back tomorrow to watch Super Bowl LI 🏈 🏈 🏈!





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