Playing around St. Andrews

I enjoyed my trip with Rezlife so much (Whisky Distillery and Rosslyn Chapel) that I went with them again on another excursion – this time to St. Andrews. It was nice going in knowing a couple people on this trip: Alberto Botti (3Y-CHEM, Italy), who’s in my Edinburgh Buddies group and Mary, who I went with to visit Edinburgh Castle).

St. Andrews is about 1.5 hours away from Edinburgh by bus

We passed the Forth Rail Bridge on the way!

I love this bridge! It’s actually RED but you can’t tell because of the rain

While I normally have a tendency to over plan my trips, when it came to St. Andrews… I kind of just went along for the ride. St. Andrews is a small college town so in my personal opinion there wasn’t too much to see (a day was definitely enough).

The group? Alberto, Mary, Anna (3Y CHEM, Italy), Maurane Limeux (2Y-PSY, France), and yours truly.

The activities? We visited St. Andrew’s castle, wandered around the shops and the university, ate “world famous” Cri-pies at the Criterion Bar, explored St. Andrew’s Cathedral, and passed time playing “Dix it” at North Point – the café where Kate met Will for coffee (cuuuuute).

Here’s St. Andrews in one minute (I just kind of threw together a bunch of short bursts):

If I could describe St. Andrews in one word… COLD. It was SO COLD. The wind was like the wind on top of Arthur’s Seat… it kind of just knocked the breath out of you. Edinburgh and Scotland in general seemed to be experiencing a cold rainy bout and because St. Andrews is next to the water, everything was just wet and cold. I’m sure St. Andrews must be absolutely stunning in the spring. Everything I saw was just so quaint and pretty.

The coolest part of St. Andrews Castle?

Going into the mines and countermines! Basically the castle was under siege (as all castles seem to be at some point in their history) and to escape the VIP (King? Prince? The stories all start to blur together) dug a huge tunnel underneath the castle walls. Too bad the other side knew it was coming and start digging right after him, successfully intercepting our VIP.

The coolest part of St. Andrews Cathedral?

Jumping around the ruins (but not the graves‼ goodness I don’t need to dabble with ghosts/dead things any more than I already have). There were no “do not climb on rocks” signs so I figured it was okay. It was also pretty awesome to mentally rebuild the cathedral from the ruins… it was HUGE.

The coolest part of the trip?

Definitely the food. We ate lunch at the Criterion Bar, whose Cri-Pies are not exactly world famous but they’re still pretty good.

Then grabbed a warm drink at NorthPoint Café. I got a Bailey’s Honeycomb Latte and lemme tell you, I became a believer of coffee and alcohol after that drink. NorthPoint serves “Italian” style coffee and received stamps of approval from our two Italian experts. We had about an hour left in St. Andrews so to pass the time (who wants to go back out into the cold once we were all warm?) we played “Dix it.” (Alberto happens to carry these cards with him wherever). Dix means “same” in Latin and it’s like Apples to Apples but with a matching component.

Still in the mood to play games, we entertained ourselves (and probably kept the whole bus from sleeping…ooops) with a “Heads Up” battle on the ride home! I guess you could say, we played all around St. Andrews.


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