Stockbridge Market

Stockbridge market was crowded even on such a cold day (41 KPH winds ya’ll), which speaks to the quality of goods sold.

Vanessa (3Y-CHE Wash. St. Louis) and I met Michael (3Y-ECON Lisgar, Canada) and Emily (3Y-PSY, Edinburgh) at the Starbucks near Stockbridge Market. I know Vanessa, Michael, and Emily through Edinburgh Buddies, a society that matches current Edinburgh students with international ones. Stockbridge not a super large market – you could easily walk though in about an hour (provided that there isn’t a giant queue to get in and it’s not TOO crowded) – and each stall held something new and excited!

Fresh meat and seafood. Vintage cashmere (only £100 for a sweater!). Uniquely flavored marshmallows. Handmade soaps that were mistaken – multiple times – for wedges of cheese. Japanese Street Food that was a little too salty. Gourmet dog biscuits. The bitter bitter cold. Pulled pork that came in many different varieties like Louisiana and Tennessee (they didn’t event attempt the Texas version). Indian food with “organic” chai tea. Sterling silver jewelry, the dainty kind. Minimalist cards ands mugs. Friends from France (we ran into some people we knew!). Wedges of cheese that were actually cheese. Cupcakes with extremely high ratios of icing: cake. The largest paella pans I’ve ever seen – with paella. Bread. Crepes on demand. Specialty tea stands. Tiffins, Tablets, and Millionaire Bars. Legendary Scotch eggs…It was a surprise around every stall.

As you can imagine, we struggled trying decided on lunch. I ended up going with the Veggie Udon noodles from the Japanese Street Food stand – just couldn’t shake the craving for Asian food. YUMMMM! Next time, would pass on the soy sauce.


Stockbridge market is definitely worth the walk (it’s ~30 minutes from where I live). It so cute and there are a lot of unique stalls. My favorite was definitely the Marshmallow Lady. She makes gourmet marshmallows with unique flavors such as Iru Bru, Raspberry, Whisky, Chocolate Mousse, and Prosecco (an Italian white wine) with Rose Petals. I had such a hard time deciding on a flavor but once I tried the Prosecco, I was SOLD. The rose flavor is so so distinctive. I could just imagine plopping one of these into a mug of hot chocolate. Rose Petal-hot chocolate. YES POSH AF.

After we finished absorbing the sites, smells, and tastes of Stockbridge, we went to Starbucks to warm up. Surprise surprise, I got a cup of hot chocolate and promptly plopped in one of my Prosecco-Rose marshmallows. Yes I did. I’ve never felt so indulgent in my life, I almost feel a bit guilty thinking about it. This literally took hot chocolate to the next level. I don’t know if I can ever drink regular hot chocolate without wistfully thinking about Prosecco-Rose marshmallows. It was truly beautiful and… gone before I knew it (never been great at pacing myself, luckily I still have 7 marshmallows left hehehe). While at Starbucks we discussed a possible Buddies trip to Isle of Skye and compared notes with our French friends about the differences in our education systems – I loved it.


Stockbridge Market. I will be back. If not to try paella from those giant pans or that haggis burger, then to purchase a bar of home-made lemon myrtle soap and another bag of Prosecco Rose marshmallows.



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