Celebrating Creative Learning

AKA #anniebeladventures. Super excited (!!!!!) to announce that the next couple posts on my blog will be a part of a special series called #anniebeladventures featuring Annie Liu as weĀ exploreĀ four cities in England – London, Oxford, Cambridge, and Birmingham – during theĀ “Festival of Creative Learning.”
Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 12.24.59 PM
Our Travel Route
Essentially the Festival of “Creative” Learning (or innovative/definitive/proactive whatever your interpretation) is a week off from school. There are events going on around the University focused on innovation (for the College of Science and Engineering) or reading (for the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences) but I think it’s really a mid-term holiday in disguise.
You can think of this trip as mine and Annie’s interpretation of “creative” learning šŸ˜‚.
Here’s an overview of our itinerary (or at least what we have planned):
  • Saturday, Feb. 18th – Fly out of Edinburgh at 6:00AM, arrive in London for a 6 hr walking tour! Take an evening train to Oxford.
  • Sunday, Ā Feb. 19th – Oxford University Tour. Following in the footsteps of famous authors (C.S. Lewis, Lewis Carroll). Take an evening train to Birmingham
  • Monday, Feb. 20th – Birmingham exploration!
  • Tuesday, Feb. 21st – Cadbury World. Ikon Gallery. Jewelry Quarter. Train to London
  • Wednesday, Feb. 22nd – Day trip to Cambridge. Punting Tour and exploring!,
  • Thursday, Feb. 23rd – London. Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theater
  • Friday, Feb. 24th – High Tea at Fortnum & Mason’s. London ghost tour (I can’t believe I agreed to do this again).
  • Saturday/Sunday – Fly out of London back to Edinburgh (Annie and I actually split flights here)
Other things we hope to do (beyond the commonĀ tourist attractions):

[Oxford] Take a walk around Radcliffe Square and visit the Radcliffe Camera


[Oxford] Sit in the same seat that CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien sat in while sipping on a pint at the Eagle and Child pub, an old haunt of theirs. BONUS:Ā Complete the Alice in Wonderland Pub Crawl


[Birmingham] Admire the view of the city from the top of the Library of Birmingham


[Birmingham] Stroll down Birmingham’s Canals
[Cambridge] Muse about the Corpus Clock and ponder the meaning of death and time
[Cambridge] Feel inspired for our “design a truss bridge” assignment after experiencing the Cambridge Math Bridge
[London] Visit as many quaint markets as possible
[London] Feel super fancy drinking afternoon tea
[London] Follow in Harry Potter’s Footsteps (kind of)
If you’ve been to any of these cities and have any advice on what to see/how to visit etc, would love love to hear from you!
Next time I post, it’ll be from London! Cheers till then!

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