The day you realize…you don’t own anything green 🍀 

St. Patrick’s day is upon us! And I wasn’t sure what to make of it… Do people celebrate that here? What do they do? Is there a right or wrong way to celebrate? What do we do in America?
The majority of people in Edinburgh seem to view St. Patrick’s day as a day to celebrate Irish food and culture, and especially as a day to drink Guinness. I can get on board with that. Tbh up to this point, I still hadn’t tried Guinness, preferring to stick to it’s lighter cousins, cocktails, and sparkling wines.
Elizabeth and I planned to first head over to Deaconess, the younger and more glamorous sister complex to New Arthur Place (cause they get a common room). It was at this time I realized – I don’t down any green clothing – so I compromised with a sticker. Charlie coming in to save the day.
Rezlife St. Patrick’s day celebration complete with room temp Guinness, Irish soda bread, an Irish vegetable stew, and misc other Irish snacks, which included fig Newton like biscuits but a bit harder to bite into and salt and vinegar chips with Irish cider  I liked my first taste of Guinness, very rich and warm but then I started tasting this weird acidity and decided to stick with my lighter brews.
But the real star of the show was Teviot as they had some serious drink deals going on and a dance party (woop woop!), and of course, the usual sports bar games.
We met Annie there and against my better judgement, I got the leprechaun cocktail (I guess I really can’t resist….). This had a whole bottle of VS Blue (think blue jolly rancher in soda form with a lil bit of vodka), orange juice (which turned the whole drink greeny green), Smirnoff, and southern comfort whisky. I really can’t describe it except that it tasted like punch and had waaaay to much sugar. Oh I’m going on detox for the next couple days now
Elizabeth’s (left) and my (right) drink choices seem to fit our personalities…
We would have stayed for the dance floor (because they were finally playing cool music thank you) but both Annie and I had to wake up at 6AM for trips to Skye and Loch Ness respectively soooo that’s a no. After downing our drinks – which I still semi-regret because it had so much sugar – we went back. We turned in super early, because I heard people stumbling back at 3, 4, 5 am at which point I’m not sure if they’re getting back super late or getting up early.
And that was St. Patrick’s day in Scotland.

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