Trip Overview: Liverpool Cathedral | Southport Pier | Pudding and Pie | Southport Beach | Liverpool Shopping | Train to Edinburgh

Gerrard waltzed into our bedroom and plopped herself onto our bed. She made herself comfortable, laying down and stretching out next to Annie and I. She looked at me, then at Annie, and with wordless communication, she indicated her need for affection….

To clarify – Gerrard is a cat. She came with the Airbnb.

Southport 1.jpg

An exceptionally well behaved and social cat who immediately started purring when Annie and I began to pet her. She was such an attention hog, she almost made us late for our bus! But eventually we packed, had our morning tea, and made the bus.

We arrived at Liverpool and power-walked to the cathedral – which  I mentioned in my previous post. Since we weren’t able to go inside the last time we visited, we tried again today.


The inside the Cathedral was awe-some. Walking in, there was a small ensemble and choir rehearsing for worship later in the day. The music rang so clear through the double cross chamber it gave the whole cathedral a very sacred feeling – it felt like I had entered another world. The cathedral and the music paired together so well that I really had to keep myself from crying, it was just so beautiful.  Other words I would use to describe the cathedral: mystical, powerful, cleansing, unearthly, centered, secret. I would definitely recommend visiting the church – if not for service, then just to admire the feat of architecture! Liverpool Cathedral joins the ranks of the few Cathedrals that have truly taken my breathe away including the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Props to the architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott.

Look at the stain glass!

Unfortunately we didn’t have more time to spend at the Cathedral because we needed to catch a train to Southport. After double-power-walking (because we were late) all the way to Liverpool Central station, we found out that we needed to collect our tickets at Liverpool Lime Street Station 😭  . We cut it too close; there was no way we were going to make the train. Luckily we learned that the tickets we purchased were actually for any time on that route so we could just as easily take the next train 🙌🏼  . Low-key wished I had known that sooner so I could have spent more time at the Cathedral… note to self read ticket information more clearly 🎫.

It took us about an hour to get to Southport, which is kind of like a nicer version of Galveston, TX. It’s one of those places people go for a short beach get away or for the cheesy carnival games (note the building that says “Fun Land” in the bottom picture below).

Southport 2.jpg
Top: Random shopping arcade. Bottom: Southport Pier
Southport 4.jpg
Top: Marine Lake. Bottom: Annie takes photos of random flowers.

We walked from the train station all the way to the end of the Southport Pier, which let us several meters over the water but did not let us down into the beach (that confused me). Like Galveston, the water was brown – it honestly looked like tea with milk.


After a couple pictures here and there we went back to a cute restaurant we saw on the way to the pier called Pudding and Pie.

Southport 3.jpg

Annie got the vegetarian shepherd’s pie and I got the classic fish and chips which ended up being fish sticks. I haven’t had fish sticks in so long (flashback middle school!) so it was kind of nice have those instead of traditional fish and chips. The service and food at Pudding and Pie is so good! They even had free games and crayons for people to play with. Annie drew a beautiful picture for the staff of Pudding and Pie, which the waitress gave to the chef. I’d like to think that the picture is still hanging somewhere in the kitchen.

We wandered back to the beach at Southport because I really wanted to search for seashells (my favorite thing to do on the beach). To be honest, the beach at Southport is pretty disappointing, but did find a few cool shells! Ironically I didn’t have to even get close the the tide to find them.

Once I accomplished that mission, there wasn’t much else for us to do sowe headed back to Liverpool to do some shopping (😂  it always ends like this). Both Annie and I have been wanting to check out Primark’s spring clothing collection. (Primark is like a cheaper version of F21).

We momentarily split up as I went back to the cathedral to get a postcard and I stopped in Chinatown to buy some much missed Asian bread

Random shot of Chinatown
PC Annie Liu

After that we took a Virgin Train (probably my favorite train operator in the U.K) back to Edinburgh. I was so tired from being in the cold beachy weather all day, I fell asleep pretty fast…

…. and suddenly we back in Edinburgh!


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