Spring Break!


Hello all! This post will be short because in T-30 minutes I’m flying out to PARIS! (only like my dream destination since I was like 7 and saw Madeline for the first time, nbd, but actually a big deal, because low-key or high-key freaking out)

So very very briefly, in the next couple weeks I’ll be doing quite a bit of traveling and I’m making it a priority to keep up with my blogging!

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 12.31.13 PM.png

Roughly, here’s where I’m going and the dates:

  • April 8th – Manchester
  • April 9th – Liverpool
  • April 10th – Southport
  • April 11th – Edinburgh
  • April 12th – 16th – Paris
  • April 16th – 18th – Amsterdam
  • April 19th – 20th – Berlin
  • April 21st – Hamburg
  • April 22nd – Edinburgh

After this trip, it’s a week of revision (studying for finals), a month of finals (March 4th, 15th, and 19th for me), then a I’m back in Dallas for about a week before I fly out to San Francisco! OMG how time flies!

I might have a couple other trips intercalated in the Month of May, hopefully Nice, Dublin, Bristol, Bath, Stonehenge and London (again because I loved it!)

Follow my blog posts here:

Manchester | Liverpool | Southport





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