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Hello! Annabel here: I’m in my third year studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, but currently, I’m studying an assortment of classes at the University of Edinburgh.

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I’ve always wanted to study abroad – even before I knew about this thing called “college” – and after 5 semesters at UT, I felt that I had reached a point in my career as a student where I needed to leave to learn. There was SO much out there, so much of the world I hadn’t seen. On top of that, I was interested in the challenge of “starting over” in a completely new environment and learning about a new culture.

At Edinburgh I’m taking four classes:

  • Informatics 1: Cognitive Science
  • Mechanical Engineering Design 2B (transfers as CHE Numerical)
  • Unit Operations 3 (transfers as CHE Ops 2)
  • Chemical Medicine (or Medicinal Chemistry – take your pick)

And I have three goals (not necessarily corresponding with the above classes)

  1. Try new things
  2. Build good habits
  3. Learn about the world

Try new things. If you’ve worked with me before, you know I’m not a huge risk taker. I like to plan out as much as I can, minimize surprises, and take the most efficient route to achieving goal.   While abroad, I’m challenging myself to be more adventurous and to actively seek out and be present in new experiences. I can’t plan every detail of these new experiences and I hope that doing this will encourage me to become more flexible, patient, and open-minded.

Build good habits. At UT, I had a tendency to prioritize class work and student organizations above all else, including my own physical and mental health, relationships, hobbies etc. Semesters of this resulted in a series of not so great habits (e.g. I pretty much never went to the gym). Starting over at Edinburgh, I can choose what to prioritize and by prioritizing them now, I hope to make them habits I bring back to UT.

Learn about the world. Edinburgh is an extremely international university in a country I’ve never been. I’m also relatively close to all the countries in Europe who have their own unique culture. Therefore I’m hoping to meet people and learn about their home country: How is the University of Edinburgh different from your home university? What was the biggest shift? What do you miss most? What have you liked the most?

I’ll be posting short videos and thoughts about my adventures on this website. If you want to reach me try:

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