New Things

This is a list of new things – new experiences, new views, new sounds, tastes, feels, thoughts…

One of my goals for study abroad is to try new things and I’ll be tracking them on this page. I’m hoping to do at least ONE new thing a day – that’ll turn into a pretty cool list huh? Let’s see how many FIRST’s I can hit!

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January 11 | Wednesday

  • First time flying alone internationally ✈️
  • First time vlogging (yes I got some weird looks as I spoke to my phone)
  • First time riding backwards in a Taxi 🚕
  • First time using pounds 💷  as a currency
  • First time buying a SIM Card
  • First time eating Vegetarian Haggis (with neeps and tatties!)
  • First time on Edinburgh’s Campus – and the first building I visit is the Library (of course!) to get my student card
  • First time in Teviot Row House and New Amphion Cafe (which would become my go-to location on campus)


January 12 | Thursday

  • First time riding on the top AND front seat of a double decker bus 🚎
  • First time going to a pub (Andrew Usher’s Co.) 🍺
  • First time eating at Nando’s

January 13 | Friday

  • First time dancing in a Ceilidh
  • First time buying gym membership 👟

January 14 | Saturday

  • First time going on a coffee crawl ☕️ – now that’s my kind of crawl
  • First time attending a party abroad (the Big Cheese 🧀 )

January 15 | Sunday

  • First time climbing Arthur’s Seat 🗻 and getting hopelessly lost
  • First time a bird 🐧  ate directly from my hand

January 16 | Monday

  • First time programming in shell/terminal 💻
  • First time running a 5K (in a very long time) 👟

January 17 | Tuesday

  • First time having alcohol (white wine) at a school sponsored event (Buddies meet and greet)
  • First time learning about the UK, Canadian, and Italian education system

January 18 | Wednesday

  • First time visiting Calton Hill along with my UT Peeps 🤘🏻
  • First time eating a meat pie (at the Piemaker!) while thinking gruesomely of Sweeney Todd (so creepy)

January 19 | Thursday

  • First time attending TWO work out classes in one day; first time attending a strength based work out class
  • First time visiting the Game of Thrones Bar 🍸
  • First time buying the most expensive thing on the (drink) menu

January 20 | Friday

  • First time attending a cocktail class featuring: Hendrick’s Bramble, Cuba Libre, and French Martini and first time making a cocktail 🍸 -> which led to my first hangover (oops not enough water 💧)

January 21 | Saturday

  • First time going grocery shopping first thing in the morning
  • First time visiting Edinburgh Castle 🏰
  • First time trying Whisky 🥃
  • First time getting singled out in a demonstration
  • First time having poetry read to me 🌹 + a kiss on the hand
  • First time seeing the Crown Jewels of Scotland
  • First time visiting a Charity Shop (they’re like more fashionable Goodwills but also a social enterprise)

January 22 | Sunday

  • First time doing laundry in Edinburgh (£2 for a wash and £1 for a dry?!)
  • First time running 4 miles!
  • First time cooking green beans – they were the bomb

January 23 | Monday

  • First time making an omelet (YES my patience paid off)
  • First academic talk in Edinburgh (with wine 🍷 and cheese 🧀)
  • First society meeting (Enactus)

January 24 | Tuesday

  • First time putting together a personal blog (it only really took 5 hours upfront)
  • First time doing PiYo, Pilates + Yoga, not really a fan

January 25 | Wednesday

  • First time making plans for the next hour in <5 minutes (upmost spontaneity)
  • First time visiting a cat cafe 🐈
  • First time visiting a vintage cashmere shop and fossil shop
  • First time buying something tartan patterned
  • First time making whisky cocktail (without help!) and using a double strainer

January 26 | Thursday

  • First time using Jupyter Notebooks (for my Cognitive Science class)
  • First time attending a photo society meeting 📸

January 27 | Friday

  • First time skipping a class (GASP) abroad – I still did the work I promise
  • First time making extremely spontaneous dinner plans, like the morning of
  • First time when my only purchase was candy 🍫  I was really craving chocolate
  • First time purchasing a book 📖  from Blackwells (it’s like a cozier Barnes and Noble’s)

January 28 | Saturday

  • First day trip outside of Edinburgh 🚎
  • First time visiting a Whisky Distillery 🥃
  • First time visiting Rosslyn Chapel
  • First time I’ve been so engaged in a tour that I out-asked questions of everyone in the group – like every time the tour guide asked “are there any questions?”

January 29 | Sunday

  • First time visiting the National Museum of Scotland
  • First time eating Chinese food 🍲 in Edinburgh
  • First time celebrating Chinese New Year 🎊  not in the US

January 30 | Monday

  • First time working at a coffee shop ☕️  (Black Medicine – best coffee study shop I’ve found thus far)
  • First time planning a long term trip (England with Annie Liu)

January 31 | Tuesday

  • First time eating dinner with my Buddies group
  • First time eating at SouthPour (highly highly recommend)


February 1 | Wednesday

  • First time shopping along Princes Street and at Primark
  • First time getting everything I needed in one go (specifically for clothing)
  • First time vacuuming my flat

February 2 | Thursday

  • First time attending an LGBT+ event (“I am” Workshop)

February 3 | Friday

  • First time feeling extremely homesick

February 4 | Saturday

  • First time at the Sport Bar
  • First time watching a Rugby game 🏉
  • First time going to a club in Scotland
  • First time going to a punk metal club 👩🏼‍🎤
  • First time drinking an Opium Bomb (which is just a off-brand Jager bomb?)
  • First time drinking Red Bull (for real)

February 5 | Sunday

  • First time cooking with rutabaga and parsnip (I made a gratin… I think)
  • First time eating tomato sauce + smoked salmon 🐟  on toast (apparently this is a very common Belgium pairing… it was SO GOOD)
  • First time watching the Super Bowl abroad (AND it went into overtime) 🏈
  • First time staying up until 3:30AM (while abroad)

February 6 | Monday

  • First time studying at Kilimanjaro Coffee Shop ☕️  (not the best place to work TBH)
  • First time staying up late to study (while abroad)

February 7 | Tuesday

  • First time eating a veggie bratwurst 🌭
  • First time going on a “Ghost Tour”